Luigi’s Mansion 3 is quiet an adventurous game published by « Nintendo » for its series Nintendo Switch. It provides various exciting events and actions on different levels.

In Luigi’s Mansion, Luigi has to conquer the ghosts, and bosses appearing on each level known as floors. He has to save himself by winning against the ghosts boss.

Here is how to beat each other’s ghosts with tips on the basis of their weakness.

Floor- B1: GARAGE – « The Steward »

This Boss will start to scream on you so much with your « Strobulb. You’ve got to be so stunned so dodge and put the flashing light on him.

2nd Floor: MEZZANINE – « Chef Souffle. »

It’s the kitchen where you will find a lot of smoke. Luigi’s Poltergust on the smoke and turn to « Gooigi » and let him absorb the smoke. Now, fight the ghost by shooting pumpkins at him.

Make sure you are aware of the fishes that he will throw on you. When you hit him, apply « Strobulb » to flash on him and weaken him. Do these tasks continue to be slammed down.

3rd Floor: HOTEL SHOPS – « Kruller. »

On this floor, there is a ghost who will help you with the help of a few bars and other tools. You have to be absorbed by him by getting close to him. Once you succeed in removing his eye protection, flash on his eyes to weaken him. Now, you can get away from it all but be aware of his squirted gun.

4th Floor: THE GREAT STAGE – « Amadeus Wolfgeist. »

You have to defeat the piano ghost who will throw chairs in the piano. You have to dodge until the last chair. After that, he will tune to sweet melody causing the various ghosts to come out with ballerina masks. absorb the masks to flash on them and defeat all the ghosts.

5Th Floor: RIP SUITES – « Chambrea »

Now, you’ll be able to swallow up your briefcase. You have to find out where she is hiding through the dark light. Once you reach there, shoot on her stomach and slam her by absorbing all her energy by vacuum.

6th Floor: CASTLE MacFRIGHTS – « King MacFrights. »

The ghost with a beard will be visible on your screen. He uses plunge packs with armors and rides around the whole field. While riding, he stops for a moment at the top. In this stage, he glances his head above the protective cover. It’s the right time to throw the flashlight on him. When he is stunned, you have to run up and shoot him on the chest through the plunger.

GARDEN SUITES: « Dr. Potter « – 7th floor

There are various gourd-shaped small plants on this floor. The ghastly gardener attacks you through these gourds. You have to attract the ghost to the gourds. Then, smash the gourd of ghosts instead of chewing it. If not, keep the ghost and the ghost down.

PARANORMAL PRODUCTIONS: « Morty and Godzilla Ghost » – 8th floor

Morty and Godzilla Ghost

On this floor, you have to fight « Godzilla ghost » wearing the Godzilla costume. He will fight with you with blue energy and fireballs which need to be dodged. Sometimes, you have to go back to energy. If he recomposes the blue energized ball then you have to get « Luigi » and « Gooigi » to revert shoot on him to win the battle.

 UNNATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM: « Skeleton Ug and T. Rex » – 9th floor

In this boss floor, you have to defeat him through the pterodactyl eggs and shoot in his mouth and chest. To do this, you have to absorb one of the eggs and then shoot into the mouth of T-Rex and then shoots the other one to stun him. Then the dinosaur will be destroying the other egg after getting angry. You have to manage Go closer to T-Rex. In this way, you will defeat the Boss.

In the case of Caveman, you have to use ZL and ZR to bounce on the caveman ghost. He will be stuck to the ground. You have to apply your « Strobulb » to weaken him.

TOMB SUITES: « Serpci » – 10th floor

On this floor, the Egyptian queen packs with head-shaped sands with cobras. You have to absorb each one to let them fall from the crown. While absorbing and weakening the ghost, you have to be careful of the attacks of cobras.

TWISTED SUITES: « Ginny, Lindsey and Nikki » – 11th Floor

Here the magician will be rotating around « Luigi. » Three ghosts were representing illusionary performance. They will float in a sequence, and at once, they will disappear in their particular hats. Then, you’ll find the ghosts to disappear, they’ll appear, like them to defeat the Boss.

THE SPECTRAL CATCH: « Captain Fishook » – 12th floor

The shark ghost boards on the ship from the sea while other ghosts throw explosive onto the deck. Wait for the Shark to stuck to the desk, and then use your flashlight to absorb the fish.

FITNESS CENTER: « Johnny Deepend » – 13th Floor

You have to use « Luigi » and « Gooigi » both to defeat the water polo ghost. Absorb one of the volleyball and attack it on the ghost. Once he gets stunned, you have to defeat him by weakening his powers and energy.

DANCE HALL: « DJ Phantasmagoria » – 14th floor

On this floor, you have to identify the ghosts with the button. You have to use ZL and ZR to attack her. The ghost will confuse you, by passing the button of one of the dance fellows. You have to detect one of them holding the button. After that, you have to be absorbed by the light.

MASTER SUITES: « Hellen Gravely » – 15th floor

Hellen Gravely

There is a ghost in the form of an owner of the hotel. He seems a tech expert and would like to use the laser light. You have to avoid it by jumping over them. You have to save Luigi from ZL and ZR.


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